Moving From a Fast Food Nation to a Veggie Nation…?!

13 Jan

Bah Dah Bah Bah Bah, I’m sick of it. Let’s face it America it is time to leave the drive thru and hit the farmer’s market.  Michele Obama is on all over it with her childhood obesity campaign and the HUGE and awesome White House garden – 55 fruits and veggies. Jennifer Hudson is sucking down zero points fruits and veggies on Weight Watchers new Points Plus Values program. Face it folks, veggies are hot and  are sprouting up all. That being said I am proposing a challenge to myself, to find, learn about and cook up a heaping serving of not only new but interesting veggies. I hope you will follow me along my journey sharing some of my favorite veggies and learning about new fruits & veg along the way. Life should not be peppered with obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease but rather sweeten with fresh fruit and veggies and overflowing with healthful years of joy and strength!


One Response to “Moving From a Fast Food Nation to a Veggie Nation…?!”


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    […] Until next post, Sayonara Veggie Lovers & Friends. […]

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