Hands Off The Can Opener!!

8 Feb

Ok, first let me apologize for posting my pledge to blog once a week and then totally blowing you all off. I hope that you did not have to resort to canned green beans or those awful frozen square carrots, peas and corn. If you did I will be available for veggie-therapy February 29 between noon and 1 with and hour lunch break from 12pm-1pm. Call my admin to book your appointment.

A good excuse? Of course I had one. Now what was it….hmm. No, all kidding aside last week was really great. We planned a fundraiser through work for the victims of all the natural disasters in Australia – floods, cyclones and now more bush fires.  Our event was on Saturday in  a cool little pub in Manhattan called the Parlour Midtown. We had raffle baskets, silent auctions and a 50/50 and made over $8,000 for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund. Check out the pictures, here.

So, yes I do apologize but it was for a very good cause. On that note, I will be back to the posts with Black Radishes this week so take your hands off the can opener and put your eyes on your email.


2 Responses to “Hands Off The Can Opener!!”

  1. Leslie February 9, 2011 at 4:08 am #

    Just want you to know your Dad made the parsnip and carrot recipe while listening to Barry White, it was delish, really good, no action as a result however, nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely. Keep the veggies coming.

    Love xoxo

    • ginascala March 16, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

      Glad you are having fun with this 🙂 !

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