Potato needs a bath – and I can’t stop laughing!

28 Mar

Being a “blogger” I tend to subscribe to lots of different blogs that interest me.  The problem being I have ADHD and my interests change by the day (hence why I have no tattoos). Somehow I got looped into the New Victory Theater blog, a kids’ theater in mid-town NYC that puts on some pretty awesome shows (if you are in the age range of 2-8 years old or a wierdo like me who still gets some Big Bird action every now and then – yes they call him BIG Bird for a reason).

Anyway…I got an update entitled “Start Your Spring Cleaning with Potato Needs a Bath!” . Which is only funny cause my family calls the female private parts “the potato” – So I grew up hearing things  like –

-After a potty break: “Did you wash your hands after wiping your potato?”
-In the bath: “Make sure you wash that potato good!”
-When they put me in too tight pants: “Quit playing with your potato.”
-The sex talk: “Boys’ hands are not allowed to touch the potato.” (The advice should have been don’t let boys eat potatoes – as I learned later in life boys will eat potatoes any way they can get them even from a diner waitress!)

So, when I heard about this veggie show starring all types of real fresh veggies and puppeteer Shona Reppe –  I wondered what did Potato do to get so dirty, giggle, giggle. Check out the trailer and show description below, sounds like Eggplant is a diva and the mango tango is an awesome dance!  Seriously, New Vic puts on some awesome shows, if you are in the NY area it might be fun to check one out with a child you care about, or get drunk and go with your friends.

About “Potato Needs A Bath” – It’s a birthday bash and all the guests are ripe for a good time! Eggplant shows off her glamorous new jewels, the pair of Pears flirt and flit, and Plum needs a potty break. But where is Potato? We can’t dance the Mango Tango without Potato! Before he can celebrate with his produce pals, the muddy little spud needs a bath. Superstar storyteller and puppet master Shona Reppe (Cinderella, New Vic 2009) gets giggles and grins galore in this light-hearted, gentle and highly visual show that’s perfect for the very young (and young at heart).

In honor of the New Vic show I will be washing some batata and serving them up this week. Batata is sweet Spanish vagina, oops I mean potato! Giggle, giggle.  Until then keep your potatoes fresh and clean! – VEGina


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