Kermit, an Adulterous Eggplant

23 Apr
There is an old joke, one of my favorites- Why do Kermit The Frog’s fingers smell like pork? Miss Piggy. (ROFLOL!!) Well, this week Kermit stinks like fish! Explain that one to Miss Piggy!

Being a sneaky matchmaker, I tempted Kermit with some Sexy Shrimps this week. Guess what, he dove right in – just call me Ashley “Muppet” Madison (if you don’t get this joke check out – screwed up, right?!). Let me explain more about our pal, Kermie.

When I was in Pittsburgh I picked up some cute little Thai Eggplants, better know as the Kermit Eggplants – cause they are cute and green like Mr. Frog.

I planned on cooking up a kickin’ pork chops topped with a curried veggie mix, including the thai eggplant. After ransacking the freezer I came to find, no porky, sorry Piggy. I looked at the Kermit Eggplant and he was getting ripe and wanted it bad (that is to be cooked). Between you an me, Kermit has never forgiven Piggy for that outbreak of swine flu. So, I took a leap of faith and curried up Kermit with a sexy, slutty set of Shrimps. They got together nicely in the pan, so nicely that Kermit is dropping Miss Piggy, check out it out.

Easy, Fishy Kermit Curry

You Need:
-A handful of thai eggplants (5-6)
-1 medium bell pepper, diced
-1 medium onion, halved and diced
-1 clove garlic, minced
-1-2 teaspoons Jamacian curry powder, to taste (you will need to add more of this depending on how strong you like your curry)
-1-2 TBS of milk (coconut milk is best but I used regular and it was fine)
-30 shrimp, defrosted, and cleaned
-Brown Rice

What To Do:
-Bowl water, cook brown rice to package directions
-Heat saute pan, spray with non-stick cooking spray
-Add all veggies & garlic, saute veggies till tender
-Add curry powder and milk to saucy consistency
-Add shrimp, if pre-cooked, otherwise add when you add veggies to pan
-Put over rice, enjoy!

Veggie at ya’ later!!

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