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Beta Vulgaris – Beeting-Off Cancer

23 Jan

So diddle me this… Do you remember why I started this blog? It was sort of a manual over-ride  – a new year challenge to myself. I was sick of our fast food nation, wanted stop choking the (fried) chicken and start waxing more zucchinis.  I needed a reason to play with my pencil  – write – and try new veggies!

beetThis time around I haven’t figured out what my goal is, yet, but I think fighting cancer or better yet beet-ing off cancer is a worthy goal.

So, this week at the grocery store I grabbed life by the beet balls and worked on whipping up some cancer fighting self-love.
Did you know beets are a cancer slaying superfood? It apparently has to do with the red color combined with the naturally occurring nutrients. What a great reason for rosy palms! Don’t believe me check out this study – “Synergistic cytotoxicity of red beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) extract with doxorubicin in human pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer cell lines.”

Ok, are you done geeking out with the medical reports? Let’s get back to beet-ing off! In our house we beet-off weekly, sometimes as often as daily; so it was difficult to find new and interesting ways to beet it. First, I thought when is the most unlikely time to beet? I came to the conclusion that we make deposits in the veggie spank bank for lunch  – with beet salad and over and over again at dinner but breakfast and dessert are under-served times of day to dine with Ms. Palmer.

So, I decided that Beet it Breakfast Pancakes and Triple B Ice Cream would be handie ways to do it.

Pancakes are a solid way to start the day with energy in case you need to battle a purple headed stormtrooper or troll the bermuda triangle later!

ingreWhat you need:
– 1 medium to large roasted and peeled beet
– 1 and 1/4 cup (possibly 1/4 more) milk (or almond milk)
– 1 large egg
– 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
– 2 cups of heart-healthy Bisquick
– Optional toppings: sour cream, confectioners sugar

What to do:
– Puree beet, till smooth
– In a bowl mix beet puree and rest of the ingredients till smooth
-Batter should be the consistency of fat free yogurt NOT think like greek – if it is thick add some additional milk and mix.
– Grab your griddle and flap those jacks!!

VegGina Tip: 2-  These freeze nicely if you ever want to go on auto pilot one morning.


Beet Pancakes topped with powdered-sugar and sour cream. YUM!

They were approved by the gremlins and the man with the hairy hands – looks like I earned alone time to work out at the Y!

Recipe 2 was dessert  – this one I have no power of authorship on this one — except for my ice cream making method.



Triple B Ice Cream – Berry, Banan, Beet 

Eat to Beat has an AMAZING compendium of recipes that are beautiful and cancer fighting FUN! This Triple B Ice Cream is amazing – recipe here!

VegGina Tips: 1-  I used my YoNana Machine — we make banana ice cream like once a week — it is dairy free, fat free and amazing! Anytime your bananas are going limp – feel ‘um, peel ‘um and smack ‘um in the freezer!


He beets it incognito! 


In conclusion, BEET IT often it tastes good, feels better and f*cks cancer right out of your glands!

Hope you get a handful this week! Until, next time my Veggie-loving friends!

Peace & Veg –

*No animals were harmed or pussy grabbed in the writing of this post.*


5 Years, 2 Kids & 2 Woke Recipes for 2017…

12 Jan

Hello 2017! Say what? I know, I know you haven’t heard from VegGina in 5 years

But, I’ve been busy making a crazy career move plus two babies and pureeing THEIR veggies.


Check out that face, veggie puree all the way!

Sure, there have been many veggie victories along the way; many freezer and crock-pot related (due to 40,000 miles of business travel in 2016) –


Pork & Broccoli Rabe Crock Pot Style

and some well veggie missteps along the way… (WHAT?!! I was all alone in CHICAGO).



Yes, Beer AND Ice Cream!

Nothing homewrecker level but perhaps a few walk of shames filled with cookie crumbs and tears of regret.



This actually happened in my HOME, multiple times, in front of the kids, the horror!

Since I have made it past the days of puree and onto solid food with both of my gremlins  – I thought it time to revive the VeggieNation blog and least to share what is cooking in my kitchen and what veggies I dig up on the road.

Staying in style in the kitchen and on the road it tough work — so I bring you two woke recipes that are trending all over social media and my family gobbled up like a pack of rabid raccoons. First, the Buddha Bowl and second Cauliflower “Fried” Rice.

I call my rendition the Oops! Buddha Bowl because it was supposed to be an orgy of ancient grains, veggies of varying colors and textures and plant based protein. My friend rare red meat showed up and f’ed with Buddha a bit –   #leftoversarecheaters.


Oops! Buddha Bowl (Sorry, Vegetarians & Vageatarians )


I later learned the error of my ways and that there are a thousand ways to slice a Buddha. It was so personal I didn’t even take pictures — raw, plant based, exotic… Oh, Buddha (pull yourself together VegGina).

My friends at Active Vegetarian have this helpful little chart, loads of pictures and an amazing blog post all about it… Check it out and get woke!


Check out the how to post at Active Vegetarian 

Recipe 2 came through a Facebook friend who successfully gave a cauliflower a good rub and tug and transformed it into fried rice. She cites her success from learning from the pros at Skinny Taste . I think they over thought the recipe – but I shower in 2 minutes – so what do I know.


Here are the Taste of VegGina  easy steps:

1) Wash cauliflower.

2)Get a sharp-ass knife, wave it around like a ninja just to ensure your family knows you are cooking up something serious.

3) Chop the HELL out of it  (just the white part) till it is riced up!

4) Heat sesame oil in a pan, add a little garlic, pour a little out on the counter to pay respect to the paseanos that have passed and cook till tender.

5) Add frozen peas and carrot cubes and a few splashes of Teriyaki to taste.

6) Yell, Hiya, dinner is served!

Hot Tip 107: Add shrimp – so you don’t have to grill another protein!


Did you miss me? Answer correctly…

Well that’s it! You got a VegGina update, learned a dope new term – “woke” and got two recipes out of me. Now open wide…


Until, next time my Veggie-loving friends!

Peace & Veg –