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Moving From a Fast Food Nation to a Veggie Nation…?!

13 Jan

Bah Dah Bah Bah Bah, I’m sick of it. Let’s face it America it is time to leave the drive thru and hit the farmer’s market. ¬†Michele Obama is on all over it with her childhood obesity campaign and the HUGE and awesome White House garden – 55 fruits and veggies. Jennifer Hudson is sucking down zero points fruits and veggies on Weight Watchers new Points Plus Values program. Face it folks, veggies are hot and ¬†are sprouting up all. That being said I am proposing a challenge to myself, to find, learn about and cook up a heaping serving of not only new but interesting veggies. I hope you will follow me along my journey sharing some of my favorite veggies and learning about new fruits & veg along the way. Life should not be peppered with obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease but rather sweeten with fresh fruit and veggies and overflowing with healthful years of joy and strength!