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Cold Fishy Whisker Tacos

16 May

When I was a wee sprout my family, taught me a lot of life lessons, some of the keepers were:

” Success comes to those who hustle wisely”

“Above all things in life, find your personal happiness and be happy”

” Remember, you work-ah (italian accent) for da-h government-ah”

However, the most valuable life lesson came one hot summer afternoon at the municipal pool when I was about 10. This gem was from my Mom. Hanging at the town pool with out-of-shape half-nude neighbors and church ladies sunning it in their one-pieces was a treat in itself, but this day in particular we got even more of a gift. This fine afternoon Mom exclaimed:

Oh-my-God, Donna*  did not trim her whiskers!” (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent).

I looked and looked at Donna’s face and did not see a stash, so I asked, “Mom, where are her whiskers.”  She pointed in horror, ” her bikini line, has whiskers sticking out, the side!”  Then, Mom sat me down and looked me straight in the eye and said “listen to me, you must always, always trim the whiskers, they do not belong sticking out.” Me -10 years-old, thinking, I’m sure I know how hair even gets down there says: ” Ok, Mom, can I go play kickball now?”

I would totally post a pic here of a Donna crotch look-alike but, this is a food blog and I don’t want you to lose your appetite.  So, I will go with a pic of these Alfalfa/Dill Sprouts that remind me of over grown pubes and thus took me back to the town pool and Donna’s whiskers.

Not that I know for certain but, I am sure they taste much better then middle-age whiskers but, you’d have to ask Donna’s husband to be sure.

When you stop gagging, try this recipe.

Fishy Whisker Tacos

You Need:
– 2 whole wheat wraps
1/2 cup of alfalfa/dill sprouts, washed 
-4oz of cream cheese 
-4oz of nova lox
-S &P  

What To Do:

-In a bowl mix cream cheese with tbs dill, salt and pepper to taste
-Spread cc mixture on whole wheat wrap
-Layer on 2oz of nova on each wrap
-Add sprouts in center
-Wrap wrap around contents and enjoy!

Note: You could also make these on petite toasts and serve them at your summer swim party, as a reminder to trim the whiskers, just saying.